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Before you contact us you can either:

Use our Ai Chatbot -Jade who is trained to provide you details about our company. You can also ask Jade any question. You can also ask Jade to provide you an update on your order by simply providing your order number and email [look out for Jade in the bottom left hand side of your screen]

Alternatively you can can check our FAQ pages

Hopefully, you will find the answer you need from one of the resources. If you would still like to speak with a human you can contact us via email. We provide a personalised online email service from one of our Gymate team.

You are welcome to contact us by email:

Contact Hours:

Mon to Fri 08:00 to 18:00
We will do our best to answer your queries the same day

Do you have a phone number or contact centre?

Gymate Pro is an online company, we do not have a call centre or the resources to operate a telephone service or call centre. We are a small family business and we offer the respect and values that a family business can offer over more automated and larger companies. 


Further Details:

Trade name: Gymate Ltd T/A Gymate Pro


Physical address: Norman House, Norman Trading Estate, Norman Road, Cardiff, CF14 1ER, United Kingdom

Company Number: 14814243