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Athletic Style: Smart Casual Dress Code For Men


Achieving the perfect balance in men's style for Summer 2024, the smart casual dress code in the UK has evolved to include athletic wear t-shirts through the rise of athleisure, making it both functional and fashionable. At Gymate, we specialise in designer t-shirts for men that seamlessly blend high-end clothing with casual comfort, perfect for any occasion. This guide will help you master the smart casual dress code for men using our range of designer athleisure wear.

Understanding Smart Casual with Athleisure

What is Smart Casual?

Mens smart casual is a dress code that combines elements of formal and casual wear, creating a refined yet relaxed look. At Gymate, we are not suggesting that athleisure by itself should be worn or associated as an independent piece and a standalone fashion item. Instead, we believe the modern man is evolving, and the Gymate athleisure range can be used as smart casual if accessorised and balanced well with other clothing. Our designer t-shirts for men can seamlessly integrate into your current wardrobe, offering a stylish alternative to traditional buttoned shirts.

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Why Choose Gymate?

Gymate is a rising UK designer brand committed to providing high-quality, affordable activewear. Our curated size chart ensures the perfect fit for the UK market, and our designs are made to inspire confidence and comfort. Our collection includes a wide range of designer t-shirts for men, making it easier to achieve a smart casual look effortlessly.

Key Pieces for a Smart Casual Athleisure Wardrobe

Designer T-Shirts for Men

A well-fitted designer t-shirt is the foundation of any smart casual outfit. Gymate offers a range of designer t-shirts for men that are both stylish and versatile.

Why Gymate Chooses Ringspun Cotton

Gymate Pro uses ringspun cotton as their main choice for t-shirts due to its superior quality. Ringspun cotton fabric goes through a unique spinning process that uses ring frames. This method results in a fabric that is finer, softer, and more durable than regular cotton. The continuous twisting and thinning of strands produce a strong yarn, making the fabric not only soft but also resilient. Unlike regular cotton, where fibers run perpendicular, ringspun cotton fibers are aligned in the same direction, providing a smooth texture that enhances comfort and longevity. This premium material ensures that Gymate's t-shirts are a perfect fit for the modern man's smart casual wardrobe.

Men's Polo T-Shirts

Polo t-shirts are a step up from the casual t-shirt, offering a more refined look while retaining comfort.

  • Materials:
    • Pique Cotton: Textured and breathable, suitable for warmer weather.
    • Ringspun Cotton: Soft and durable, providing a polished appearance.



Men's Sweatshirts and Hoodies

For cooler weather, men's sweatshirts and hoodies are essential. They add a layer of warmth without compromising style.

  • Materials:
    • Fleece: Soft and insulating, great for colder days.
    • 100% Ringspun Cotton: Lightweight and breathable, perfect for layering.

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Styling Tips

Size and Fit

Wearing the right size is crucial for achieving a smart casual look. At Gymate, our size chart is designed specifically for the UK market to ensure the best fit. A well-fitted designer t-shirt for men can enhance your physique and boost your confidence. Our designer t-shirts for men are tailored to provide a sleek and stylish appearance.

Accessorising Athleisure

  • Button-Down Plain Shirt: Pair this with a designer t-shirt for a layered look that adds depth to your outfit.
  • Designer T-Shirt or Polo Shirt: Ideal for a smart casual look, but avoid pairing them with more formal bottoms like dress pants.
  • Designer Sweatshirt: Adds a touch of casual elegance, perfect for a relaxed yet stylish appearance.
  • Blazer: Elevate your athleisure wear by adding a blazer, which adds a formal touch to a casual outfit.
  • Chinos or Dark Jeans: These versatile bottoms complement athleisure tops well, striking the right balance between casual and formal.
  • White Trainers: Clean and minimalist, white trainers are the perfect footwear to complete your smart casual athleisure look.

Transitioning from Gym to Everyday Wear

Athleisure is all about versatility. Gymate’s designer t-shirts for men and hoodies can easily transition from a workout session to a casual outing. Pair our men's gym wear with chinos or jeans for a smart casual look that’s perfect for any occasion. Our designer t-shirts for men are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for both active and casual settings.

Affordable Designer Fashion

Designer fashion doesn't have to be expensive. Gymate offers high-end clothing at affordable prices, ensuring you can look stylish without breaking the bank. Our range includes options for every budget, so you can achieve an amazing athleisure look without spending a fortune. Our designer t-shirts for men are both stylish and affordable, providing great value for money.

Supporting a UK Brand

When you purchase from Gymate, you're supporting a UK designer brand and contributing to a greater cause. Gymate UK CIC, our charity arm, promotes exercise and mental health awareness among young people. Every purchase helps us support this mission, making a positive impact on the community. By choosing Gymate, you’re not only getting top-quality designer t-shirts for men, but you’re also supporting a brand that gives back.


What is athleisure?

Athleisure is a hybrid style of clothing that combines athletic wear with leisurewear, offering the comfort of sportswear with the style of casual clothing. It’s perfect for both workouts and everyday activities.

How can I make a designer t-shirt look smart casual?

Pair your designer t-shirt with chinos or tailored jeans, add a blazer or stylish jacket, and finish with clean, minimalist sneakers or loafers.

Why choose Gymate’s designer t-shirts for men?

Gymate’s designer t-shirts for men are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability. They’re stylish, versatile, and affordable, making them a great choice for any smart casual wardrobe.

How does Gymate support mental health and fitness?

Through our charity arm, Gymate UK CIC, we promote exercise and mental health awareness among young people. Every purchase contributes to this cause, helping us make a positive impact.

Are Gymate’s products suitable for all seasons?

Yes, our range includes options for every season, ensuring you stay stylish and comfortable year-round. From lightweight t-shirts to cosy hoodies, Gymate has you covered.


Embrace the smart casual dress code with Gymate’s designer t-shirts for men, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Our affordable, high-quality clothing ensures you look and feel your best, whether you're at the gym or out on the town. Explore our collections today and support a rising UK designer brand that gives back to the community. With Gymate, you can enjoy the perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability in your athleisure wardrobe.




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